* PLEASE NOTE, until further notice I am unable to offer home visits due to increased workload. However, clinical appointments are available *


I am able to offer booked clinical appointments at Cosham Health Centre following the process below.

Step 1: Completion of a breastfeeding booking form or bottle feeding booking form.
Step 2: Completion of a health questionnaire and payment of a £50 non refundable deposit.
Step 3: A pre booked Zoom consultation prior to your appointment to -

  • confirm the details on your booking form and health questionnaire
  • discuss medical obstetric feeding history plus the details from your booking form
  • discuss what to expect at your clinical appointment including the tongue-tie procedure, if appropriate
  • provide you with
    • my Before and After tongue-tie release Booklet to support our conversations
    • a sample of the consent form that you will be completing during your clinical appointment

Step 4: Your clinical appointment where we will

  • review the details from our Zoom conversation
  • assess your baby's tongue function and tongue-tie
  • as required fully discuss the frenulotomy procedure, the benefits and potential risks
  • with your consent your baby's tongue-tie will be divided
  • discuss ongoing feeding
  • document our discussions and treatment in your baby's Personal Child Health Record Book (red book) and my records

Step 5: Follow up

  • text the following day
  • email with electronic notes
  • support available by telephone, text or email for the first week
  • you will be invited to complete two anonymous questionnaires at 1 week and 2 months post division

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tongue-tie releases at Cosham Health Centre, Portsmouth, Breastfeeding Matters


tongue-tie releases in Portsmouth, Breastfeeding Matters

* PLEASE NOTE, until further notice I am unable to offer home visits due to increased workload. However, clinical appointments are available *


When I have the capacity, I can offer consultations in the home within a radius of 20 miles of Portsmouth.

In order to confirm a booking for a home visit I will need you to complete a booking from electronically and email back to me at bfeedingmatters@yahoo.co.uk for me to be able to check my diary for availability. Complete a breastfeeding booking form or bottle feeding booking form and email back to me on bfeedingmatters@yahoo.co.uk alternatively use this .pdf booking form version.

Please refer to the information shown here regarding Covid-19 and the steps I am following.


I am able to offer Virtual Consultations as a follow up to a previous clinical or home consultation or as a new consultation to discuss one feeding issue.

I am offering 30-minute consultations for £30 using Zoom. These will

  • need to be booked via my booking form
  • be paid for in full ahead of the consultation
  • be documented electronically and emailed to you after the consultation

This virtual service is in addition to my home visiting service

During Pregnancy

Preparation for the arrival of your baby will help you feel more confident and empowered with your breastfeeding. An example of some of the conversations I have had with ladies in the antenatal period include;

  • The uniqueness of breastmilk
  • How breastmilk is made
  • Normal feeding patterns
  • Realistic expectations for the first few weeks
  • Good positioning and attachment techniques
  • How to prevent problems
  • Experiences and feelings about a previous breastfeeding problem

With Your Baby

As you and your baby get to know each other, and recover from the delivery, a timely postnatal consultation will help maintain your confidence and satisfaction with your breastfeeding. My personalised visit to you will give us the opportunity to discuss and help manage your breastfeeding challenges. These may include:

  • Frequent breastfeeding
  • Unsettled baby
  • Sore nipples
  • Painful breasts
  • Weight concerns
  • Milk supply issues
  • Breast refusal
  • Breastfeeding after an assisted delivery
  • Breastfeeding following breast surgery
  • Specific breastfeeding challenges for your baby, for example, preterm delivery, tongue-tie, cleft lip / palate
  • Maternal (and paternal) exhaustion
  • Relactation
  • Breastfeeding on return to work
  • Breastfeeding in public
  • Developmental baby massage techniques
  • Baby-led introduction of solid foods

Small Group Sessions

If you prefer to learn and share ideas with others, maybe a group setting is better for you. Whether an antenatal or postnatal group is preferred, I can facilitate a breastfeeding session in your home amongst your friends. As well as benefiting from the social event, you will be developing mechanisms for ongoing breastfeeding and parenting support.

A three week developmental baby massage course is also now available.

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